ePOWER: Smart power electronic converter for the provision of integrated services to electric grids and consumers


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A transition to the Smart Grids and the large-scale integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) into the Electric Energy Systems (EES), are in progress during the last years. Distributed energy storage systems contribute to the solution of local operating problems of EESs (e.g. voltage support at the grid connection point, balancing the fluctuating local energy production of RES etc.). At the same time, one of the most important types of distributed storage in modern EESs is the storage of energy in the batteries of interconnected electric vehicles, the number of which in circulation is growing rapidly. For the interconnection of RES and energy storage with the electric grid, the use of DC/AC power electronic converters (inverters) is required.
The target of the ePOWER research project was the development of an innovative Intelligent DC/AC Power Inverter which can act as the interface of multiple small-scale and distributed energy-storage units (electric vehicles, batteries and supercapacitors), as well as small-scale PV arrays, with the Low Voltage (LV) electric network. The DC/AC power converter that was developed can provide ancillary services to the LV network, ensure the uninterrupted operation of the “hosting” system (e.g. a home electrical system) during major disturbances of the electric network, provide appropriate software for the optimal charge-discharge of the interconnected energy-storage arrays and improve the quality of the power provided to the hosting system where it is integrated.
The ePOWER project has been implemented during 12/5/2020-11/7/2023 according to the following Work Packages (WPs):
WP 1: Development of the specifications of the smart power electronic converter
WP 2: Development of the power circuit
(Coordinator: Technical University of Crete)
WP 3: Development of the control & communication unit
(Coordinator: Technical University of Crete)
WP 4: Experimental functional verification and performance evaluation
WP 5: Exploitation of the project results
(Coordinator: PROJECTON I.K.E.)
WP 6: Patent applications
(Coordinator: Technical University of Crete)
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